Product Summary

The simplistic and robust 4D truss is the first FrameFlux hardware product to be made available commercially. It is shape-adjustable due to a hinge and turnbuckle system, which provides a single degree of freedom in the rotation of the end of the module. In addition, the next module can be securely attached to the previous one with a different “twist” orientation. These two degrees of freedom allow the 4D truss to build a versatile range of structural shapes that is far beyond any other existing commercial product.


Dimensions, Materials and Mass

Module Length:
Module Width:

Chord members:
Diagonal members:
End-face members:
Turnbuckle outer shaft:
Turnbuckle inner shaft:  

Module mass:
Mass per meter:
750 mm
400 mm  

50 x 5 mm tube, aluminium
35 x 2.5 mm tube, aluminium
20 x 2 mm tube, aluminium
50 x 3 mm tube, steel
TR32 P6 trapezium thread,steel  

16 kg
20 kg/m

Module Strength Performance

Axial force:
Bending moment, apex-up:
Bending moment, apex-sideways:
Shear, apex-up:
Shear, apex-sideways:
256 kN
32.7 kN
29 kNm
21.2 kNm
36.5 kN

Note: these figures apply to the zero-angle setting of the truss module. In other settings, strength properties are likely to decrease. Always consult a professional structural engineer for advice.

Shape-change Properties

Angle settings possible:
Angle reader precision:  
Custom 3D structures possible?:
Smallest built circle possible:
Largest built circle possible:  
-22.5 to +22.5 degrees
0.5 degrees  
3.8 m outer diameter


In accordance with:
               EN 1090-1, -2 and -3
               EN 17115

Interested in using the 4D trusses for custom structures?

40 modules will be produced and ready for projects in May 2020. Get in touch through the contact form if you would like to use these modules. We are open to finding opportunities in new industries to add value and push the limits!