From design to structural analysis.

In one click.

Product Summary

Antalyze is a web-based application to be used with CAD programs in the event industry, for technical designers who wish to structurally analyze their designs effortlessly without needing engineering expertise.  Users can make a design in their usual CAD software, or generate one in the Antalyze application. The application then produces an analysis result in seconds, with downloadable data that can be seamlessly sent back to the CAD software. The first release of Antalyze will be integrated via plug-in with the software SCAD Re-Event, and is able to analyze structures that are not wind-loaded.

Antalyze is a collaboration project between FrameFlux, AniVizzion, creator of SCAD, and VIKTOR, a platform for developing applications for automating technical processes.

Product Status

Currently in development, with a planned release in mid-2020. Get in touch for user testing!