The FrameFlux Truss Concept

The story of FrameFlux started with ants. They are wonderful creatures, simultaneously great civil engineers and great building material. The idea is that each ant is identical and has only two jobs to do these things: to change its own shape, and to transmit force. And so long as they do these two things, they can come together and build bridges, walls, rafts and columns, amazing structures of any shape!

We wanted to take the principle of the ant as a structural unit, and apply it to trusses, which is a type of construction style composed of triangles of metal elements. Thus, the FrameFlux truss concept was born: an adjustable and reusable truss module that can connect with other modules to build structures of any shape, like a snake!

We also develop software to streamline and empower the design-engineering process as much as possible. In just a few clicks, users can turn single curves into entire structures and instantly structurally analyze them to ensure safety!

Sustainability Statement

We design our products to approach sustainability from three directions:

Firstly, the material required for a given project is reduced because the FrameFlux trusses can directly build the custom shape required, instead of having to build a primary structure and secondary custom structure. The instant analysis tool provided by the software also allows the designer to reduce the elements to what is structurally needed.

Secondly, FrameFlux trusses can be endlessly built and rebuilt into different custom structures. This is different from the usual custom projects that feature one-off parts that are often disposed of after the project.

Finally, the truss module is composed of detachable parts, allowing for disassembly and replacement of damaged parts to maximize product life.

Like most existing structural parts, the truss module can be recycled at the end of its life.

First Application: Events Industry

On the left is the U2 concert stage from their 360 Tour. As shown, they really want to immerse the visitors in an epic and unique experience, and they succeeded, as they had tens of millions of euros to spend on their custom structure. On the right is a more typical music stage at a festival or concert, built out of conventional structural products.

The existing structural products come with some problems, for instance they are only available in standard shapes and sizes of straight lines and sometimes circles, which is quite limiting for form freedom. Furthermore, conventional modules take up a lot of space in storage and transport. Finally, they are all welded together, so damage done to one small part of the module normally results in the entire module being scrapped, for safety reasons.

The FrameFlux truss is designed to address these problems, by giving form-freedom in a structural product not seen before, and thereby unleashing the imagination of the stage designer, and bringing to life the most audacious ideas which were previously unfeasible!

One product.

A billion different music stages.

Other applications of the FrameFlux truss

There are numerous other potential applications of the product: any time where a structure is required that is more complex than a straight line. We are still in the early exploration phase, and are currently in contact with experts in different fields to ask how the truss might solve problems and add value.