The Frameflux 4D truss:

The Frameflux 4D truss

The simplistic and robust 4D truss is the first FrameFlux hardware product to be made available commercially. It is shape-adjustable due to a hinge and turnbuckle system, which provides a single degree of freedom in the rotation of the end of the module. In addition, the next module can be securely attached to the previous one with a different “twist” orientation. These two degrees of freedom allow the 4D truss to build a versatile range of structural shapes that is far beyond any other existing commercial product.

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Antalyze is a web-based software that helps users select the right truss product, to ensure structural feasibility for their specific design situation. Users can specify support conditions, loads and safety factors to instantly get a quick feasibility check in accordance with Eurocode calculations. The software is intended for technical designers who frequently use standard modular truss products for straight beam constructions. The first release of Antalyze will be integrated with SCAD Re-Event, allowing users to transfer their design, product data and loading information directly to Antalyze.Antalyze was developed in collaboration with Viktor, developer of automated technical processes, and AniVizzion, creators of SCAD Re-Event.

Product Status: Beta version has been released to customers. Get in touch to try it out!!

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